Reclaim Your Voice

I wasn’t sure how it would look….suspicious maybe. Surely I was somehow to blame. 

I actually considered his feelings and how it would look if he had to explain his actions to his girlfriend, now wife.

I didn’t put up a fight – couldn’t put up a fight – because I didn’t want the neighbors getting involved.


My innermost places did not understand that I was being violated. My body reacted instinctively, which in its own unique way protected me from more extreme physical trauma which would have only compounded my inevitable emotional scars. 


Before I was assaulted, I was clear about not wanting any sexual contact with him.

Because of his demeanor, I felt pressured to explain, even though he was in a relationship anyway. 

I was not interested. 


My reaction the next day still baffles me. I carried on a normal conversation as if he had not violated me the night before. 

I acted as though everything was OK, when in fact I was terrified. Filled with disbelief. Confused as to why I was behaving as though everything was the same.

I wanted to hit him, strangle him, tell his girlfriend, and NEVER speak to him again.


#MeToo I didn’t fight. #MeToo I felt I was to blame. #MeToo I remained silent. #MeToo Me. Too. 


You are worthy and deserving of respect. Their insecurities and lack of self-discipline have NOTHING to do with you.

My story. Your story. Our story.

Reclaim your energy. Reclaim your sense of worth. Reclaim your voice. Reclaim YOU. 

Love. Joy. Peace. 


-K. Love