Kwanzaa 2018

K. Love | December 2018 | Uprising

Kwanzaa is an African-American and Pan-African cultural holiday that is centered around seven principles, called Nguzo Saba (in Swahili). Kwanzaa is celebrated December 26th – January 1st.

Each day, we should greet one another with, “Habari Gani?”

Our response is- The principle for the day, “Umoja or Unity”

Although Kwanzaa is celebrated at the end of the year, we can live out the 7 principles all year long. How will you celebrate Kwanzaa with your family moving forward?



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K candles

The Kinara is the candle holder. The 7 candles represent the 7 principles. Black- The People. Red- The Struggle and Green-The future & hope that comes from the struggle.  

Each day, you light the candle (along with the previous day) to represent which day is being celebrated for the day.

For example, day 2 (Principle 2) is Kujichagulia. During the day’s ceremony, one would light a red candle and the black candle to show that we’re celebrating principle 2. Every day, light the day being celebrated and the previous days.

To get more information and understanding of the history of Kwanzaa, click here.




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