Celebrating Black Music!!

Kristi Love | Black Music Month


During the month of June, we celebrate the contributions African-Americans have made in the music industry. A month is never enough time to pay homage to artists, writers, and musicians who have positively impacted us, however, we’ll take this month to give more praise than ever before.
On this day, June 7th, 1979, President Jimmy Carter declared June the month of “Black Music Month” to recognize and celebrate Black music in America. He invited various artist and musicians to the White House that day to honor them.
Kenny Gamble and Dyana Williams are the brains behind Black Music Appreciation and Mrs. Williams is one of the main reasons it is viewed as a national month of recognition.
Although proclaimed in 1979, it did not become an officially recognized national celebration until a bill was passed in 2000.
In 2009, former President, Barak Obama officially changed the name to African-American Music Appreciation Month.
Throughout this month, we will highlight past and present artists from different genres who have made positive strives to bring us all of together through music.
Stay tuned for our featured artists and fun Black Music facts.

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